Pleasure without within limits

So you go to a tantra/kink/sex/something workshop, and they teach you all these wonderful techniques.
Surefire techniques, they say.

And they don’t work on you.
Or, even worse: they don’t work with the person you are with, and you utter the worst thing ever: it always works with others.

Are you broken? Are they broken? Should you/they try harder?

What if, sometime, things don’t work. What if we cannot always get what we want?
What if we have to to accept limits?

What if we can enjoy the limits, find the pleasure in them, find the space in the constraint?

This is an experiment in finding the joy in not having it all.
Because, you know: sometime, you wont.

(Of course, if you always have it all, and know how to do it: please get in touch and teach me)