(Open) Relationship Cookbook

This started as a collection of ideas, tricks, games, techniques that can work in certain ways, for certain people, to solve certain problems in relationships.
Open as in: everyone can contribute, but also open as in open relationships.
Because when you remove a rule, you end up with more freedom: how do we do this relationship thing in the modern world?

How do we transform problems in opportunities, in something fun?

It evolved in a semi-structured facilitated meeting to explore strange topics, collect possibilities, discuss about what worked (and what didn’t) for us, or, at the very least, realize we are not alone in having a problem.
I strongly believe that when enough people share the same issue, it becomes a resource.

The relationship events are a bit biased to how to make non-monogamy work, but it is not the only topic we touch.

The main project should live here: (open) relationship cookbook.